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Art Classes

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A community where you can get art "assignments" and show off your work
Welcome to Art_Classes! This is a community for anyone who ever was, is, or wants to be in art school. I took a bunch of art classes in college, and now that I've graduated I really miss it! I've talked to a lot of people who feel the same way, so I decided I'd try to make a kind of virtual art class. The thing that was most helpful to me about taking art classes was having assignments and critiques. Sometimes you want to draw or paint, and just don't know where to start. That's why having some kind of prompt was so helpful. It gets you drawing things you might never have thought of before!
About Us;
In this community, members will be able to post "assignments" for the rest of the community. It can be something from a past or present art class, or something you've just thought up yourself. Hopefully this will inspire other members to do some art. If you feel like it, you can also post your finished pieces for others to see and critique. Feel free to post about other topics as well, as long as they pertain to art.

There are only a few rules for this community:

1. Please keep things polite. Critiques are to help others improve, so no bashing.
2. One picture is allowed outside a cut. Everything else needs to be under a cut.
3. All types of art are welcome here. Drawing, photography, graphics, sculpture, whatever you like!
4. Keep posts on topic. The topic is "art."
5. Advertising is allowed as long it is for other art communities. Mods will delete any unwanted spam.
6. Have fun and help others get their art on!